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  1. OL-119N-Brown

    Coolers Men'S Brown Thong (Ol-119N)

    Regular Price: Rs.1,699

    Special Price Rs.1,104

    Coolers Learn More

  2. CT-001-BROWN-PVC
  3. LBN-102-R.BLUE-EVA

    Gliders Mens R.Blue Thong (LBN-102)

    Liberty Gliders range of shoes is perfect for adventure seekers and bike riders If travelling is your passion and you tend to take the road less travelled this is the best choice Easy to maintain and comfortable the best part is that it is resistant to markings and scuffling Get these Orange Thongs now Learn More

  4. CT-005-Camel

    Gliders Men'S Blue Thong (Winerneong)

    Regular Price: Rs.399

    Special Price Rs.299

    Gliders Learn More

  6. KF-13-N.BLUE-EVA
  7. RUMMY-Maroon
  10. E-282-110-Black

    Coolers Men's Black Formal Thong(E-282-110)

    Regular Price: Rs.1,299

    Special Price Rs.844

    Coolers Learn More

  11. LSS-150111-BROWN-DRYMILL
  12. 186-A-Black

    Coolers Men's Black Formal Thong(186-A)

    Regular Price: Rs.1,799

    Special Price Rs.1,169

    This formal thong online for men is manufactured using cemented technology. The upper has been procured using sheep leather and the sole using TPR.

  13. The cemented technology ensures a permanent bond, a more flexible construction and light weighted thong.
  14. Genuine leather in the upper ensures high level of breathability and ventilation which ensures prevention of sweat accumulation which results in bad odor. Genuine leather upper... Learn More

  • LML-021-Camel

    Coolers Men's Black Thong (OL-119)

    Regular Price: Rs.1,699

    Special Price Rs.1,104

    How about trying some formal thongs for a change Liberty brings you the coolest thong collection in the town with their Coolers collection Pamper your feet and let them breathe this season with their amazing range Experience nothing but the best Available in Black color try them for a change today Learn More

  • POKAR-Brown
  • LG-1273-BROWN-PU-CFB
  • 2137-A1-BLACK-PU-CFB
  • Coolers Men's Black Formal Thong(2029-14)
  • CT-005-Maroon
  • Online Shoes for Men

    It is said that a man is known by his shoes and it is indeed true. Men these days are really picky when it comes to men shoes and therefore liberty makes sure that men can have all their footwear needs fulfilled at Liberty shoes online. Men these days are choosy when it comes to their fashion sense and the ever increasing footwear designs are a living proof of that. With more than 1500 shoes, it offers the men with an extensive range of footwear collection making online shoes for men, an ideal buy.

    With a boom in the e-commerce sector, online shopping is no more considered a luxury but now it is counted among daily necessities. Shopping for shoes online has previously been considered a hesitation but now people are more open for online shopping shoes. The variety and lack of shop-hopping and fighting through the crowd makes it worth it.

    What makes us click? along with its brand value has a ‘to die for’ collections. From its aristocratic formals, energetic sport shoes to rough and tough collection is one of the best things that one can add to its wardrobe. What makes it really stand out from the rest is the manufacturing of the best shoes for men. These are the type of shoes that people actually look forward to. The designs and the quality of the products are really impressive. Buy men shoes online from Liberty to explore more.

    What do we Offer?

    We offer suave formal shoes for the style conscious corporate and those who want to make a statement without trying too hard to ace the look. The fortune collection with its charismatic finish is perfect for such people. For the youth especially, we have Force 10 and Gliders range catering to the passion of sports and adventure. Apart from this there are fusion and party collections, ideal for celebrating the great Indian festivities with pomp and joy. Online shopping shoes for men are the ideal way to purchase shoes.

    These are just some of the men’s collections, we talked about. Try our online shopping experience to shop online shoes for men and explore our excellent services. We offer the best as compared to others with the facility of door step delivery. Our regular discounts and offers will help you save maximum without compromising on quality and trust. We also proffer shoes for women and children in various designs and purposes. For experiencing nothing but the best, explore Liberty’s extensive range of shoes.