Leather Care

Care instructions?


Proper care and maintenance of leather shoes will help to ensure their longevity in wear. We would recommend that you follow the guidelines below:

  • Leather uppers require regular treatment with a good-quality wax polish to protect the leather and give a high shine finish. This should help to prolong the life of the uppers and maintain their appearance. The shoes should be dry before application.
  • Try to avoid using unsuitable liquid polish applicators on high quality leather uppers as these can potentially damage the surface of the leather and often create a lacquer which is hard to remove.
  • Suede and Nubuck uppers can be treated using a 'Suede Protector' spray. A rubber suede brush can help to lift any dirt and debris, however, stubborn stains may necessitate treatment with a suede shampoo. Suede can often be revived using steam from the kettle and gently cleaning with a rubber suede brush.
  • Waxed-finished or waterproof leather uppers should be treated with dubbin or a 'waxed leather cream' to condition, soften and protect the leather. Usually there is no need to use a coloured polish on this type of leather as it is not supposed to have a high shine.
  • Leather soles will expand when wet. Avoid wet conditions during the first few wears of your new shoes. In the event that your leather soles do become very wet, ensure that they are allowed to dry out slowly and naturally, away from direct heat (i.e radiators).
  • Leather shoes can often take a day to dry out fully whether from rain or natural perspiration. Where possible allow a day between wears and alternate with other shoes. Using wooden shoe trees in your shoes will help to absorb moisture and maintain the shape of the shoe as they dry out.
  • A shoe horn can help to prevent damage to the heels, counter and top line.

General information on leather .

Fine leather goods are crafted from carefully selected leather sourced from around the globe .Each piece of leather is inspected and individually cut before being hand assembled by experienced crafts men.The beauty of fine leather is that no two piece are the same and any marks in the grain are evidence of its unique natural character .Stretch marks ,scars ,scratches ,wrinkles and even bites acquired during the animals life are part of the real features .