Senorita Womens Pink Ballerina (GI-BZ15)

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This fashionable ballerina for women is exclusive and different from the normal ballerinas worn in daily mundane life. These ballerinas have hidden heel embedded inside their insole which makes this distinguished from other bellies. This belly is procured using the latest technologies and has a PU CFB upper and PU sole. This beguiling and beautiful women belly has a consistent texture on the upper giving this fashionable ballerina a very trendy and modish appearance. the upper exhibits an alligator skin type of appearance which makes this women belly quite trendy and contemporary.

  • This women's belly is apt for the short heighted women. This heel plus ballerina has hidden heel embedded inside the insole which has a height of approximately 2-3 Inches. This hidden heel is not visible from outside, from outside it seems to be a flat ballerina, but it has an invisible and embedded heel height of 2-3 inches.
  • The insole of this ballerina is extremely soft and cushioned. There is latex padding at the foot bed which is covered by a synthetic fiber lining. This latest padding provides supreme comfort to the foot and absorbs body pressure and heat when we exert our foot on the insole. The insole gets compressed providing superior comfort. The fabric lining has perforations which prevent sweat accumulation and prevent bad foot odor. This ballerina would keep you comfortable the whole long day and wont cause you exhausted and achy feet.
  • The texture of the upper is soft and sloppy to the skin and doesn't cause skin aggravation. This fashionable and comfortable ballerina has a horse bit loafer shoe kind of appearance and a buckle on the upper making it look kitsch.

Styling Tips: This fashionable ballerina with the hidden height is apt for the young, modish and chic woman who wants to look fashionable and stay comfortable simultaneously. You can make a combination of kurtis and leggings for exhibiting an Indian appearance. You can also team up these heel plus bellies with your skinny denims and plaid shirts. you can also wear knee length dresses and jump suits with these bellies to give you an elongated leg appearance. Wear these beguiling and beautiful ballerinas with your skater dresses, floral dresses and A-line dresses.

Additional Information

Gender Women
Collection Fashion
Cluster Keep It High - Height Plus Ballerina
Also available in No
Brand Senorita
Upper No
Construction IMP.OUTSOURCE
Heel Height No
Leather Quality PU CFB
Sole Material PU

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