"Coolers is a brand that specifically caters to the needs of those who like to stay cool. Over the decades of its existence, Coolers has transformed in terms of design and style to suit the new trends. From uber stylish slippers to extremely suave sandals, every piece of footwear from this brand compliments the coolness

that runs through a consumers veins The Coolers range makes the cut of achieving a perfect balance between form and action. Every single pair in this collection gives a well -designed, soft foot-bed for enhanced comfort, all of it fitting into a classic, easy-to-wear shape. The open design of these sandals allows air to circulate around the feet and the chunky sole ensures one is sure-footed on the road as well as off it.
Coolers sports sandals are built with a closed shoe shape in mind, combining an ankle strap with a closed toe upper. Some feature Velcro straps for ease of use. The sole is usually arched for comfort and comes with inbuilt treads for ease of travelling across different terrains.
Then there are the Coolers dress sandals incorporating a closed toe upper that are decidedly more stylish and easier to combine with everyday items from ones wardrobe. To be worn with shorts, chinos, denim or tailored trousers, they're an ideal summer shoe of choice."

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