Professionals, undertaking high impact, electrical, thermal, chemical or even slippage risks, walking over surfaces or operating in environments that expose them to dangers related to these, use a pair of Boots that they completely rely on.

Whether you are a power plant technician, alkali unit worker, or even an X-treme sports practitioner, you will appreciate the safety of FREEDOM Protective Professional Boots.

Made from super-resilient rubber, blended with PVC, these boots afford the protection that no ordinary footwear can provide, no matter how well they are constructed. They are resistant to, electrical shock, mechanical crush, chemical corrosion and extreme heat and cold. These boots are also anti-static, anti-slippage and non-tearable. FREEDOM offers safety and durability that you may have near experienced before. Features at a Glance:

  • *Precision moulded from new generation high resilience, high insulation rubber.
  • Single-piece moulded sole and upper: complete freedom from seepage / permeation or structural separation.
  • Exclusive super tough protective sole with stainless steel midsole. Perforation resistance equivalent to 110 daN.
  • Steel toe-cap for enhanced safety. Capable of 1500 daN level crush resistance.
  • Re-inforced heel and instep. Built-in ankle protectors.
  • Thick flexible sole with specially designed foot support for complete walking balance and comfort, even when worn for long periods.
  • Super absorbent, rot-proof inner polyester lining for added comfort.
  • The heel can absorb shocks of up to 20 joules. The specially designed sole has non-slip grooves along with raised front and back ends for excellent grip on all surfaces including planes, ladders, slush etc.
  • Optimum clear spacing to avoid build-up of mud and sludge
  • U-shaped heel with shock absorbents
  • Reflective media provides visibility in fog, smoke and darkness

A design which commands safety

When operating in challenging work conditions professionals rely on a name they can trust – FREEDOM. A complete range of Protective Professionals Boots, FREEDOM takes care of the occupational hazards of all those functioning as power plant technicians, alkali unit workers, extreme sports practitioners etc. This footwear is designed to absorb high impacts, withstand electrical shocks, resist toxic damage, prevent slippages, besides being tear-proof. Manufactured from super resilient rubber blended with PVC, they surpass all other options with their impregnable protection. FREEDOM protective boots come in single-piece by moulding high grade PVC with a special blend of rubber. They provide excellent mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance thus ensuring complete safety. They are also 100% waterproof and are designed to offer supreme foot comfort and support.

  • For a better grip on slopes/inclines, the sole's front and rear ends are slightly raised
  • Optimum clear spacing to avoid build-up of mud and sludge
  • Ladder work will be much easier with its arched non-slip grooves
  • U-shaped heel with shock absorbent
  • Non-woven, absorbent & rot-proof polyester lining for greater comfort
  • Re-inforced heel & instep
  • Ankle protectors
  • Flexible, perforation resistant sole
  • Steel Toe-Cap, 1500 daN crushing resistance, 200 Joules shocks resistance.
  • Reflective media providing visibility in fog, smoke and darkness.